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Horizon Patient Services

Ongoing support for people with UCDs

Horizon Patient Services is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with UCDs. The Horizon Patient Services program provides ongoing individualized support and education for your patients and their families.

A patient access manager (PAM) leads a dedicated Horizon Patient Services team that is ready to help your patients, from answering questions as they start taking RAVICTI through every step along the way. The PAM is available to provide information and guidance to your patients and their families in person or by email, text, or phone.

A case manager assigned to your patient may also be in touch with your office to make sure important insurance information is properly shared.

These comprehensive services are free of charge and are built around 3 components: coordinate, connect, and champion.

Your Horizon Patient Services team will:

  • Coordinate

    Support Coordinate
    • Help patients address financial barriers by researching their insurance benefits, explaining their insurance options, and connecting them to financial assistance
    • Assist in connecting patients with their specialty pharmacy to schedule the shipment of their medicine so they avoid running out of supply
  • Connect

    Support Connect
    • Connect your patients to others living with UCDs through live events, peer mentor programs, and online resources
    • Provide tools and resources to help your patients manage the day-to-day challenges of living with UCDs
    • Introduce patients and their families to UCD advocacy groups for more support and inform them of UCD-related events in their area
  • Champion

    Support Champion
    • Serve as a dedicated personal resource and the main point of contact for your patients’ ongoing RAVICTI logistical needs
    • Provide your patients with RAVICTI education and answer their nonclinical questions
    • Help patients through changes that may impact their treatment
    • Respond to patient questions and concerns, and connect them with the right resources to get answers

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Access and support for your patients

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